Vilkaviškis District Municipality Public Health Bureau has started implementing the project called “Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle in Vilkaviškis District Municipality”, financed from the European Union structural funds, state budget funds, Vilkaviškis District Municipality funds.

The aim of the project is to increase the level of health literacy of the residents of Vilkaviškis District Municipality and to form positive changes in their health behaviour. The project envisages the implementation of health education measures that would help the population to develop healthy lifestyle habits and take more care of their health.

During the project, there will be organisation of the following:

1) Two informative and educational events on health preservation and promotion. There are plans to invite health professionals from various fields to present the most relevant information on health topics (health nutrition and physical activity specialists, health care service specialists, disease prevention specialists, mental health promotion specialists, etc.). In order to create conditions for the practical assimilation of knowledge, there are plans to pay a lot of attention to working in groups, where the participants of the events will be able to try out various exercises, mental health-enhancing techniques and ways of spending active leisure time.

2) Six health awareness-raising workshops are planned for older people on a variety of health topics: from the prevention of circulatory system diseases to the improvement of mental health.

3) Outgoing consultations and seminars to Vilkaviškis District Municipality Elderships are planned. Information on health care improvement opportunities, healthy lifestyle and disease prevention will be provided in Bartninkai, Gižai, Gražiškės, Keturvalakiai, Kybartai, Klausučiai, Pajevonis, Pilviškiai, Šeimena, Virbalis, Vištytis and Vilkaviškis Elderships.

4) During the implementation of the project, 25 mobile class visits will be organised for young people and children. Inclusive sessions will be organised during the meetings, with the help of acquired interactive tools, in order to interest young people and children in a healthy lifestyle. During the visits, it is planned to organise competitions with children and teenagers – mini quizzes on the topics of healthy lifestyle education.

The project also envisages investing in the modernisation of Vilkaviškis District Municipality Public Health Bureau by acquiring interactive technologies for mobile classrooms, laptops and vehicles, thus expanding the opportunities for healthy lifestyle education and wellness promotion in communities and creating favourable conditions for increasing the quality, accessibility and attractiveness of these services.

Project "Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle in Vilkaviškis District Municipality" No. 08.4.2-ESFA-R-630-41-0002 is funded by the European Union Structural Funds under the operational programme measure “08.4.2-ESFA-R-630 Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles at the Regional Level”.

Information from Vilkaviškis District Municipality Public Health Bureau