Vilkaviškis District Municipality Public Health Bureau is a budgetary institution established for municipalities to perform public health care functions established by legal acts.

The activity of the Bureau:

1. Strengthening public health in the municipal community;

2. Municipal public health monitoring;

3. Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases and injuries in the municipality;

4. According to its competence, prevention of communicable diseases in the municipality;

5. Implementation of public health programmes in the municipality;

6. Strengthening the health of children and youth;

7. Cooperation with social partners;

8. Assessment of the impact of draft decisions of municipal institutions on public health.

- - the collection, accumulation, processing, storage, analysis and evaluation of data on the state of public health and the public health risk factors affecting it are purposefully organised and systematically performed.

Strengthening of public health — health education, dissemination of information on healthy lifestyles, promotion and formation of healthy lifestyles and reduction of behavioural public health risk factors.

Child and youth health care — the organisation and implementation of health measures for children and youth.